Check the zoning before buying property
Rural Properties

Special Issues Buying Rural Property

Many people come to the County because they want to enjoy the rural lifestyle but there are some special issues buying rural property. This article provides a checklist for many of the special issues buying […]

Speed varies for internet in Prince Edward County

Internet in Prince Edward County

High speed internet has become indispensable for many people and businesses. There are good options for high speed internet in Prince Edward County, the speed and reliability depend on the location. Buyers who depend on […]

After increasing rapidly for three years, the median price for waterfront properties sold in Prince Edward County fell by 6% in 2018.

Prince Edward County Waterfront Prices Stall

After three years where prices for waterfront homes increased 20% per year, Prince Edward County waterfront prices stalled in 2018. Through October, the median price for waterfront homes fell 6% in 2018 as compared to […]

Living on a well for drinking water in Prince Edward County
Rural Properties

Different Types of Wells

People in urban areas may take drinking water for granted, but not in Prince Edward County. Most people are living on a well here. Like the weather, water is a frequent topic of conversation. There […]

Based on a surprise decision at the April 18th Public Planning meeting, it looks like the County will now allow larger second units
Rules & Regulations

County To Allow Larger Second Units

Based on a surprise decision at the April 18th Public Planning meeting, it looks like the County will now allow larger second units. This precedent-setting decision increased the maximum size to 65% of the main […]

Knob and tube wiring
Older Properties

Is knob & tube wiring safe?

Knob and tube wiring still exists in many older homes, even some homes which have been upgraded. Many people think knob and tube is hazardous but it is not necessarily unsafe. Knob and tube wiring […]

Buying a rural home septic tank installation
Rural Properties

Buying a Rural Home with a Septic System

If you’re buying a rural home with a septic system to treat your toilet and other waste water, you need to understand how it works, what can go wrong and actions you can take to […]

Ontario Provicial Police commander John Hatch provides an extra-ordinary example of community policing in the County to reach teens at risk

Community Policing In The County

Services in rural areas are different than in big cities, some for the worse and some for the better. Waiting for the snow plow to come might fall into the first category. On the other […]