New doctors joining the Prince Edward Family Health team

Family Doctors in Prince Edward County

Even though there is an acute physician shortage in many rural Ontario communities, you can get a family doctor in Prince Edward County. In case you’re wondering, you can get a family doctor in the […]

Speed varies for internet in Prince Edward County

Internet in Prince Edward County

High speed internet has become indispensable for many people and businesses. There are good options for high speed internet in Prince Edward County, the speed and reliability depend on the location. Buyers who depend on […]

After increasing rapidly for three years, the median price for waterfront properties sold in Prince Edward County fell by 6% in 2018.

Prince Edward County Waterfront Prices Stall

After three years where prices for waterfront homes increased 20% per year, Prince Edward County waterfront prices stalled in 2018. Through October, the median price for waterfront homes fell 6% in 2018 as compared to […]

Data shows that County homes sell for less during winter
All Homes

County Homes Sell For Less During Winter

Is it true that County homes sell for less during winter? Or is that just an unfounded rumor? Selling To Listing Price Ratio The selling to listing price ratio is a real estate metric which […]

The number of Prince Edward County homes over $300,000 listed for sale increased during the third quarter 2018
Homes Over $300,000

Conditions For Buyers Continue To Improve

Quarterly Report – Homes Over $300,000 July to September 2018 SUMMARY: By most indicators, the third-quarter market for Prince Edward County homes over $300,000 was more favourable for buyers than a year earlier. Home prices […]

On August 24th, the Supreme Court of Canada announced that it would not hear an appeal of a Competition Tribunal ruling against the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB). This Supreme Court decision makes MLS data widely available.
Outside Influences

Supreme Court Ruling on MLS Data Favours Consumers

A recent Supreme Court ruling on MLS data favours consumers by making this information widely available.  This is a progressive step with important long-term implications for the real estate industry.

Homes Under $300,000

Limited Choice Under $300,000

Quarterly Report – Homes Under $300,000 April to June 2018 SUMMARY:  The situation for buyers of County homes under $300,000 improved slightly during the second quarter compared to a year earlier. Prices have softened somewhat […]