real estate bidding war

Tactics To Avoid A Costly Bidding War

From a buyer’s standpoint, it’s good to avoid a bidding war for a property. To do so, it helps to understand one of the tactics which can be used by a seller’s agent: delayed consideration […]

Prince Edward County factory-built homes
New Build

Factory-Built Homes

Factory-built homes once had a bad reputation as cheap boxes. Now there are different builders serving different parts of the market and it’s possible to buy high-quality, customized manufactured homes. As a result, a small […]

Low water pressure in Wellington water tower too small
In Town

Low Water Pressure in Wellington

Low water pressure in Wellington has been an issue for many years. The issue recently got a lot of press coverage when it was learned the problem won’t be fixed until 2021. Background Wellington, with […]

Living on a well for drinking water in Prince Edward County
Rural Properties

Different Types of Wells

People in urban areas may take drinking water for granted, but not in Prince Edward County. Most people are living on a well here. Like the weather, water is a frequent topic of conversation. There […]

Based on a surprise decision at the April 18th Public Planning meeting, it looks like the County will now allow larger second units
Rules & Regulations

County To Allow Larger Second Units

Based on a surprise decision at the April 18th Public Planning meeting, it looks like the County will now allow larger second units. This precedent-setting decision increased the maximum size to 65% of the main […]

Picton Harbour aerial view showing re-development potential
In Town

Bright Future for Picton Harbour

Picton Harbour is currently a “jewel in the rough”. The picturesque harbor is currently visually cut off and difficult to access for the public. There are new plans for Picton Harbour, however, which promise real […]

Knob and tube wiring
Older Properties

Is knob & tube wiring safe?

Knob and tube wiring still exists in many older homes, even some homes which have been upgraded. Many people think knob and tube is hazardous but it is not necessarily unsafe. Knob and tube wiring […]

Buying a rural home septic tank installation
Rural Properties

Buying a Rural Home with a Septic System

If you’re buying a rural home with a septic system to treat your toilet and other waste water, you need to understand how it works, what can go wrong and actions you can take to […]

Prince Edward County sunset
Waterfront Properties

Where the sun sets

The sun sets in the west, doesn’t it? If you’re looking for a waterfront property with a view of the sunset in Prince Edward County, it’s important to make sure you’re facing in the right […]