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Property values up 1.8% per year

“On Tuesday, May 10th, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) released the 2016 property assessments for Prince Edward County. MPAC is the provincial body responsible for assessing all properties in Ontario as the basis for real […]

Record sales four months
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Record sales for first four months

Prince Edward County set an all-time record this year for the number of detached homes sold in the first four months of the year. >125 homes were sold between January 1st and April 30th, up […]

average days to sell
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Homes selling faster in Picton, Wellington

As the number of homes listed for sale fell to a 6-year low in March, the time required for homes to sell followed suit, at least in the built-up areas of Picton and Wellington. For the first […]

Sales over $1 million
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Million-dollar homes the exception

I attended a real estate conference last year where I took advantage of a coffe break to compare notes with a realtor from Muskoka. In his world, a million dollar property is a modest cottage, […]

Quinte versus Toronto capitalization rate
Investment Properties

Local cap rate follows Toronto

Prince Edward County investors who want to get an idea where investment returns on income properties are headed here would do well to follow what’s happening with similar investment properties in Toronto. Cap rates measure […]

County real estate listings
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Listings fall to 6-year low in March

Tight market conditions continued in Prince Edward County in March, with detached home listed for sale down 28% compared to the end of March last year. At the end of March 2016, there were 257 […]

Home sales for March 2016
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March homes sales up by one-third

March was an other month of strong sales for detached homes in Prince Edward County, with unit sales 33 homes, up 32% compared to last March. This represented a 6-year high in unit sales. The […]

Investment property six plex
Investment Properties

Quinte offers superior returns

Small-scale real estate investors -both new and experienced- often include low-rise multi-residential buildings in their portfolios, but is this an effective place to invest money? I recently analyzed the rate of return on such investment […]

Waterfront land prices

Waterfront land prices

I was recently asked about the price of waterfront land in Prince Edward so I dug out a pricing study which I had done for a client in May 2014 for some guidance. The data […]

Home sales by price segment
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Sales grow for higher priced homes

Home sales were down slightly in February, but the total value of homes sold increased? How is that possible? This is a reflection of a long term trend in the market, where the mix of homes […]