• Toronto Market Headed for Bubble January 21, 2021

    Image shows Move Smartly Report January 2021 Understanding the Toronto Area Real Estate MarketTo Promote Resort Development, Look Beyond Waterfront January 15, 2021

    Photo shows Outlet Beach at Sandbanks Provincial ParkNot Quite Panic Buying January 14, 2021

    Chart from the Globe & Mail, Thursday, January 14th, 2021 shows that Toronto lost nearly 50,000 residents to rural ...</div></li><li ><a href=December 2020: Seller’s Market Continued, But Will It Last? January 5, 2021

    The strong seller’s market continued into December, but the impact of Boxing Day lock-down on sales for early 2021 remains to be seen.

    The following deputation on the draft Official Plan was presented to Council by Treat Hull on December 9th, ...

  • Second Wave Stalls County Real Estate December 9, 2020


    Despite a general slowdown in County real estate in November brought on the Covid-19 second wave, dhe average price for homes continued ...

  • Podcast: Many Want To Come, Few Want To Leave November 20, 2020

  • A Guide to Understanding the County’s New Official Plan November 17, 2020

    Image shows cover of Prince Edward County's draft Official Plan dated September 2020.New Official Plan Delayed November 11, 2020

    Prince Edward County is in the final throws of approving a new Official Plan to replace the current one which was adopted in 1998.

    At total of 77 people took part in the webinar on “Understanding the County’s New Official Plan” which was held on November 4th.

    Afterwards ...